In this sensational debut novella of The Witch’s Garden Series, C. S. E. Cooney introduces Mar, a Witch of Doornwald, who goes to her mother’s country home in order to relax from the demands of city life, but finds danger and passion instead. Faced with a haunted grove, a secretive stepfather, a mother who may be sharing her body with an ancient demon, and a mysterious young man named Wraith, what’s a Witch to do?

Save the day. Rescue her mother. Win fair gentleman.

Just perhaps, Mar will also learn that a beguiling stranger’s innocence may be more tempting by far than the attentions of her jaded city lover, that the magic her touch awakens in him might more powerful than any she has seen, and that in seducing his virtue and tutoring him in the erotic arts, she herself may be seduced, body and soul.

Intoxicatingly sensual and deliciously dark, The Witch in the Almond Tree propels you into a world of witches and ghosts, prophecy and carnality that you’ll want to return to again and again.


"A headlong romp. . .Sublime, sublime-o." - Sharon Shinn, author of The Shape-Changer's Wife

"Stunningly delicious! Cruel, beautiful and irresistible. . ." - Ellen Kushner, author of Thomas the Rhymer

"Funny and horrifying and moving by turns." - James Enge, author of The Blood of Ambrose

"...A lively and engaging narrative voice." - Lois Tilton, The Internet Review of Science Fiction

"Cooney's imagery and invention is as fevered as always. . .and her control of tone is perfect." - Rich Horton, Locus Magazine

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  • Release Date: 2014-07-20