Bon Ton RouletLet the good times roll! Or Laissez les bon ton roulet, as they say in inimitable Cajun fashion. But for post-Katrina New Orleans, the good times are hard to come by of late.The fourth adventure in the Bradford Fairfax series finds Brad in the original good-time town where many former residents have vanished forever. To make matters worse, the town is overrun by a band of punks terrorizing the waterfront in their fearsome nightly sprees. There’s more misery here than in a Delta Blues songbook!When a troubled city worker ends up dead, it looks like an eccentric resort attendant named Quint may be behind it. But it’s not just the living who are suspect. Brad follows a tip to the local cemetery where the legendary Marie Laveau is said to rule over the dead. At the same time, a creepy prognosticator named Doctor Doom has more to say about the city’s troubles than most folks want to hear.As if that weren't enough, Bradford's blue-haired amour, Zach, disappears, leaving Brad to search the city for him. The town that gave birth to jazz and a genuine Voodoo queen seems to be having re-birth pangs of a very different sort.As Bradford Fairfax learns, all is not well where the bon ton roulet.