Socks and Stockings traces the evolution of these functional and decorative accessories for men and women from the cloth hose of Tudor times through the hand and machine-knitted stockings of the Elizabethan period to the tights and leggings of today. A brief introduction on the origins of the utilitarian sock and the more glamorous stocking is followed by chronological chapters: each one discusses the materials used, technical developments in manufacture and finishing, and changes in style, colour and decoration for the period concerned.
Jeremy Farrell relates these changes to general fashion trends - for example tights for women as an answer to the mini-skirt in the 1960s and the trends for sporting fashion at the turn of this century and in the 1990s; and sketches in the social and historical background of the time by reference to contemporary letters, inventories and literature.
The book is illustrated with paintings, photographs, catalogues and advertisements from a wide range of contemporary sources; each with an extended caption. There is also a glossary of technical terms.

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