Jenna Howard didn’t plan to fall for Liam Stanford, but accidents happen all the time… Jenna agreed to become the millionaire’s wife for one year in exchange for a million dollars that could change her life. But it isn’t the money that keeps her by Liam’s side. For the first time in her life, Jenna feels like she belongs. She has friends and a family who honestly care about her, and her attraction to Liam has grown into something much deeper. Liam Stanford never wanted love, but that was before he married Jenna … Liam wasn’t the type to go weak-kneed over a woman, but Jenna made him want to change his ways. When he finally admits his feelings to her, everything seems to fall in place. He’s set to take over his father’s company, and he’s finally found a woman who makes him want to settle down. The agreement they made is no longer necessary. When tragedy strikes, Liam’s family finds out about their arrangement… Their entire marriage has been one cruel trick so Liam could fulfill his father’s requirement in order to take over the family business. The family she’s grown to love is furious, and Jenna can’t blame them. Liam could lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve because of her. Can Liam convince his family to forgive him and make Jenna see he will do anything to save their… Accidental Love?