Millionaire bad boy had never been Jenna Howard’s type, until now… When Jenna accepted the deal to be Liam Stanford’s wife for a year so he could fulfill his father’s requirement to take over the family business, she promised herself she wouldn’t fall for him. She’d felt the sting of abandonment before, and she won’t go down that road again. But there is more to the man than the suit and the cold exterior, and Jenna is starting feel something more than simple attraction. Liam Stanford never wanted to change his lifestyle for anyone, not even his father… Liam doesn’t need a steady woman in his life to be happy. The bachelor life suits him, and the agreement with Jenna is only for a year. He knows he should keep it business as usual, but her kindness and innocence keep drawing him in. He hates that look in her eyes when she talks about her family. He wants to give her more, even if he doesn’t know how. The choice he makes will change both their lives forever… When Jenna’s mother comes back into the picture, Liam is overwhelmed by the urge to protect her. He won’t let Jenna get hurt again. As the lines between business and pleasure start to blur, Liam has to make a decision. Let his guard down and save Jenna from the horrors of her past, or keep his heart locked away forever. His fake wife needs him even if he doesn’t know quite what to make of this new… Accidental Attraction.