"Through Women's Eyes is a brilliant textbook---the first to truly integrate women into U.S. history, to treat history as a process of investigation and analysis, to explore how historians have used gender as a tool of historical analysis. It is beautifully organized and laid out. My students have enjoyed working with it and have learned a lot from it. I'll be using the book for many years to come. It's the textbook of the decade."---Louise Newman, University of Florida

"This book perfectly fits the way I teach women's history."---Ruth Rosen, University of California, Berkeley

"Integrating western, southern, and northern developments into a national narrative that includes African American, Yankee, Native American, and Mexican women as well as working-and middle-class women across the political spectrum is an incredible feat. I am very excited that this text is now available in two volumes."---Nancy Hewitt, Rutgers University